Design Process


Whether you are building a new home, renovating or developing, iCad Drafting is your first point of call and will guide you through the building process and get your project out of the ground. We recommend to all new clients to, document, sketch, collect and write out all your goals and ideas, taking into account, lifestyle, budget and site specific requirements and email this information through to us. Alternatively, bring this information down to our office and we can sit down and discuss your options, looking at any site restrictions which may be relevant to your site. We can then issue a written quotation to further outline the services which will be required and the costs involved.



If our quotation is accepted, and depending on the type of job we will arrange a site survey to document the existing conditions of the site and if required conduct a full measure up of the existing house. Once this information has been documented it will form the basis for site specific design plans.




Once we have a thorough understanding of the build, we will develop a concept set of plans, which will include a basic floor plan proposal, any relevant elevations and an area schedules to highlight the size of additions to ensure the job stays within the allocated budget. If required you can elect to sit down with us and further discuss any changes or suggestions you may have, as an alternative alterations can be sent via email for a faster turn around time. It is recommended that alterations to your design are finalised prior to town planning applications being submitted or building documentation stages, as amendments at this time may incur additional costs.




Permits can be difficult to understand for first time renovators/developers. There are two permits which are relevant to building and construction within the state of Victoria, the first being planning permits and the second, building permits.

A planning permit is a legal document which allows a use or development to proceed subject to the zoning and overlays associated with a particular parcel of land, with the permit being issued by your local Council. Here at iCad Drafting, our quote will include the submission of the application to Council on your behalf and any fees associated with continuing to liaise with Council throughout the planning process. Once a planning permit has been issued, documentation can be prepared to have a building permit issued.




A Building Permit is issued under the Building Regulations 2006 and generally relates only to the construction aspects of a building or development. If a review of the planning zoning and overlays associated with your property finds that a planning permit is required, a building permit under the Building Act 1993 cannot be granted unless a Building Surveyor is satisfied that a planning permit has been obtained and the building documentation is consistent with the approved planning issued documentation.

Design Process